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Get Best Online Beauty Courses UK

Posted by : September 14, 2021 admin


Up until recently (the last 10 or so years), Beauty courses were primarily in practical subjects such as hairdressing, applying makeup, depilation, creating henna tattoos and other similar aspects of personal grooming. They were taught in some schools, alongside so-called ‘domestic science’ subjects, and usually only to females. Online Beauty Courses in UK were few and far between and difficult to find.

How the world has changed!

Today, with the rapidly increasing self-awareness, particularly of young people, and the blurring or elimination of gender-specific products, treatments, and grooming techniques, not only has the beauty sector exploded, the need for new and more adventurous products has become a huge market and business opportunity.

That rapid growth and opportunity has spawned a massive demand for new treatments, styles, and attitudes that has struggled to keep up. The widening void between supply and demand has called for innovative training in many new areas (such as nail technologies) and broadening of existing ‘traditional’ beauty skills (such as hairdressing), alongside treatments that would hitherto have been classed as cosmetic surgery, such as lip fillers.

The education and training sector has accelerated accordingly to provide courses in a plethora of new subjects and specialisms. Colleges and universities have provided some courses to meet demand, but many are too short to fill a formal semester-based curriculum, and even more are in demand from people already working in the sector who want to ‘bolt on’ new qualifications to improve the range of products and services they can deliver to their clients.

Online Beauty Courses (UK) are a convenient option for such individuals. They can be studied from home, flexed around work and family commitments, and – unlike courses at ‘bricks and mortar’ institutions – can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection. Cheaper and much more convenient for many.

Cambridge Open College is expanding its Online Beauty Courses UK range, which already includes Beauty Therapy, Makeup Application, and Indian Head Massage, all at Level 3, and others.

More Online Beauty Courses are currently with the UK qualification development team. Why not check them out now? Go to to find out more…

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Childcare and Education Courses

Posted by : September 13, 2021 admin

childcare education Courses
Cambridge Open College offers a wide range of Childcare and Education Courses, many of which are mapped to National Occupation Standards (NOS). They are therefore suitable for career development and advancement as their content has been directly influenced by employers in the sector.

From baseline courses such as Level 3 Childminding or Playwork, and Level 2 Caring for Children, to higher-level professional courses at Level 4 on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF), there is a course with your name on it if working with children and education is your “bag”.

Childcare and education courses are one of our most popular study areas, so have a faculty dedicated to them. Indeed, Childcare and Education is a growing sector commercially in the UK and the childcare and education courses we provide are attracting more and more attention from stay-at-home mothers and fathers looking for or considering an alternative (perhaps more fulfilling?) career option.

Choose from specialist endorsed courses like EYFS (Early Years Foundation Studies) and Understanding the Middle Years (accredited under Focus Awards’ Focus on Quality Provision (FQP) Scheme) and nationally recognised qualifications such as the Level 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (RQF).

Whatever you need, you’ll find it here. Our childcare and education courses continue to be our best sellers. Enrol today; begin impacting the lives of children tomorrow…

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Courses To Become A Lecturer

Posted by : September 9, 2021 admin


Cambridge Open College has recently added to its raft of teaching courses, the latest of which are aimed at those wanting or needing some help with researching, preparing for, and delivering lectures and conducting assessments.

Lecturing is as much about delivery as it is about content. Indeed, good lecturers cultivate a stage presence and use public speaking skills to engage with their audience. In this way, the content carries more weight, is much more interesting to the recipients, and therefore memorable.

Courses to become a lecturer are few and far between in the “mainstream” educational sector, but Cambridge Open College is innovative and flexible enough to recognise the need.

Before tackling the sometimes-pressurised environment of public speaking and delivering live lectures, a great place to start is conducting assessments.

Many of the skills needed are precursors to teaching and lecturing, such as being able to crystallise simple operations for a student or learner, helping to formalise the principles of teaching, learning and assessment (core material for an academic lecturer), and having the competence and background to be able to analyse what a target audience needs to hear and know.

Brand new courses to become a lecturer being developed right now, so “watch this space”. In the meantime, you can study to become an Internal Quality Assurer or take one of the other assessor qualifications (most of which are on the Regulated Qualification Framework – RQF) and build up the confidence and knowledge to take you further.

Who knows, you might even consider a change of career?

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