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Anyone who shudders at the thought of studying should take this course.

If you remember getting very nervous when anyone mentioned a test or a quiz, or (horror of horrors!) an exam paper, should take this course.

Once you know how to study effectively and how to retain the information, any learning or course suddenly becomes ‘doable’.

Something to look forward to rather than something to avoid.

Imagine that! You – loving to study!

This excellent Level 2 Study Skills course from Cambridge Open College provides a real ‘leg up’ for those of us who hated school, loathed homework, and were always late getting assignments in. The course results, on successful completion, in an Endorsed Qualification awarded under Focus Awards’ FQP (Focus on Quality Provision) Scheme.

This fantastic course teaches you how to learn. It may sound daft or juvenile, but learning material and absorbing facts and figures is not nearly as difficult as we make it. It’s surprising to discover that there are actually tried and tested techniques and tricks to learning that can make the entire process easier; even enjoyable.

For example, this course shows you how to manage your time, teaches you to plan, to organise, to focus, and to break any subject down into small, manageable sections. You can deal with any material in small, step by step learning blocks, each of which is easy to absorb.

It’s like moving an immense wall – it seems impossible to move at first. But if you take it brick by brick, eventually the entire structure disappears.

The same goes for that enormous block of material that you have to learn.


This course is open to all applicants. The only requirement is that candidates have a keen interest in the subject.

We wrote the course materials in simple everyday language, so a basic level of literacy should enable you to complete the course.

Besides the comprehensive course materials provided, you receive a study guide to help you get the best from the experience. Of course, you also have your tutor’s expert help and support throughout your studies with us.

Learn to learn. Start moving the bricks here. Enrol now.

Time Management
Writing and Notetaking

£35 deposit: remaining balance at the end of the month

Enrol for £35 deposit and remaining balance at the end of the month. Pay your deposit today get your course tomorrow!

Reduced fee of £259

£259 – all inclusive

Pay by 3 monthly instalments of £259 (approx)

£86 deposit followed by £86 for the next two months

The college accepts payment using the following methods:

Credit/Debit Card, Cheque, Postal Order and Invoice.

It is simple and safe to enrol online. Select one of the payment terms above and you will be taken to a secure sever to enter your details.

Once the enrolment process has been completed you will receive your introductory pack and login details to access your course textbooks, your tutor profile and their contact details.

We look forward to welcoming you as a student of the college and feel sure you will enjoy studying with us.

Key points for this course:
  • This is a fully supported home study course supported by your own tutor
  • Your enrolment fee covers absolutely everything – there will be nothing more to pay after you have enrolled, there are no hidden fees
  • You have 12 months to complete your course
  • You may enrol at any time of the year
  • Access available within 24 hours
Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with your course simply return it within 14 days and we will refund your fees in full.

All students enrolled on a course with Cambridge Open College receive access to our online student community (I Learn It Easy) where you can submit your work, contact your tutor, and interact with other students. We have prepared a short video below to highlight the benefits to you.

Study Skills (Level 2)


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£35 deposit: remaining balance at end of month
Pay by 3 equal monthly instalments
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