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Are you passionate about working with children? Are you fascinated by the innermost workings of the human mind? Our acclaimed Child Psychology course offers prospective students essential grounding and insight into the practice of psychology, whilst working towards accreditation that is recognised and respected across the industry.

You may be surprised to learn that you don’t need experience or even qualifications to enrol on this popular course. In fact, all you need is a passion for this area of study combined with a willingness to learn and progress.


Spread over 4 diverse and enthralling units (as detailed on the ‘Modules’ tab, which you’ll find at the top), the Child Psychology course is an ideal choice for many people. From parents seeking to advance their communication skills and knowledge to professionals seeking a brand new career in a growing and rewarding industry, this could be the perfect course for you.
As a student, you’ll start by focussing on the various stages of a child’s development, the forming of attachments, the consequences of breaking those attachments (such as maternal deprivation) and the issues of social groups in nursery and school environments. You’ll also explore child language acquisition and development, and learn about child communication and other areas in detail.

These early units underpin the later focus on research methodology, learning theories and psychodynamics, issues surrounding behaviour management and even aggression.

All in all, this incredibly popular course is as stimulating as it is rewarding, and students will develop not only essential knowledge and insight; but also a set of highly sought-after transferable skills.


The highly popular Child Psychology course has no set entry requirements, and is designed to be as accessible as possible to prospective students. As long as you have a solid grasp of basic Mathematics and the English language, you are very welcome to apply. We will supply a detailed study guide to ensure your success with us, and your personal tutor will always be on hand to help you.


  • What is Child Psychology?
  • Psychology As a Science
  • Research Methods
  • Underlying Debates in Child Psychology – nature nurture and personality


  • Child’s sense of self and personality
  • Attachment
  • Privation, deprivation, institutionalisation
  • Parenting styles and effects on child development


  • Social interaction, learning and play
  • Gender development (social and cognitive theories)
  • Moral development (social and cognitive theories)
  • Pro- and anti-social behaviour


  • Development of sensory perception
  • Language development and acquisition
  • Cognitive development
  • Measured intelligence
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The college accepts payment using the following methods:

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Once the enrolment process has been completed you will receive your introductory pack and login details to access your course textbooks, your tutor profile and their contact details.

We look forward to welcoming you as a student of the college and feel sure you will enjoy studying with us.

Key points for this course:
  • This is a fully supported home study course supported by your own tutor
  • Your enrolment fee covers absolutely everything – there will be nothing more to pay after you have enrolled, there are no hidden fees
  • You have 12 months to complete your course
  • You may enrol at any time of the year
  • Access available within 24 hours
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If you are not happy with your course simply return it within 14 days and we will refund your fees in full.

All students enrolled on a course with Cambridge Open College receive access to our online student community (I Learn It Easy) where you can submit your work, contact your tutor, and interact with other students. We have prepared a short video below to highlight the benefits to you.

Child Psychology (Level 3)


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£35 deposit: remaining balance at end of month
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