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Demand for physical perfection is at an all-time high. From head to toe, modern women (and indeed, men) are indulging in beauty products and services more than ever. If you’d like to be part of this growing industry, there’s no better way to begin than with our Nail Technician Course.

Accredited through the Focus Awards Focus on Quality Provision (FQP) Scheme, this amazing course provides eager students with the essential knowledge and skills to progress their careers within the beauty sector.


Students can expect to learn about a variety of subjects applicable to the practice of nail artistry. Not only will they learn the how-to procedures of specific techniques, they will also gain a working knowledge of important influencing factors, such anatomy and physiology, healthy and safety and professionalism in the work place. The syllabus is outlined in the ‘Modules’ section, which can be accessed on the tab above.

When considering a career within the beauty sector, it is essential to uphold a level of professionalism in the work place. This course effectively addresses this by training students in client care and ethics. Alongside this, the training covers health and safety issues, which students are likely to come across during their practice. This not only takes into account the risks of bacteria and infection, but also the practicalities involved in handling chemicals and potentially harmful substances.

Another huge element of the course is centred around anatomy and physiology. This gives students an insight into the make up of the human body as a whole along with critical aspects concerning the skin and nails. It is important for our nail technicians to possess an acute understanding of the entire process involved.

And, of course, we also provide excellent training into specific nail artistry techniques. From manicures to overlays, students will be prepared to meet all their clients’ needs. They will gain an insight into important issues regarding supplies and sanitation, and how to best carry out their work, whether from home or in a salon. This gives students the confidence to take their knowledge into the real world.


There are no formal requirements. Anybody with a reasonable standard of education and an interest in the beauty sector should be able to complete the course without difficulty. We have designed the course so that it is as comprehensible as possible for students – all learning materials are provided alongside an in-depth Study Guide. Your tutor will also be at hand if you do find you require any assistance.

Your professional image

• Health and safety

• Professional salon conduct towards client and colleagues

• Professional ethics

• Professional ethics towards clients and colleagues

• Your professional appearance
Bacteria and other infectious agents

• Bacteria – types

• Nail fungal infections

• Sterilisation

• Sanitation

• Disinfection

Safety in the Salon

• Chemicals used by Nail Technicians

• Overexposure to chemicals

• Eye protection

• Cumulative Trauma Disorders

• Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Understanding Chemicals

• Matter and energy

• Properties of matter

• Energy

• Element, atom, compound and molecule

• Vapours

• Chemical reactions

• Catalysts

• Adhesion

• Primers

• Monomers and polymers

• Light and energy

Anatomy and Physiology

• Cells, tissues and membranes

• Cell structure and function

• Cell membranes

• Nucleus and nucleolus

• Cytoplasm

• Cell functions

• Cell division


• Body tissue

• Epithelial

• Muscle

• Nervous

• Membranes

• Skeletal system

• Muscular system

• Nail Anatomy

Nail Anatomy

• Nails and disorders

• Symptoms

Skin and Its Disorders

• Function of the skin

• Skins structure

• Epidermis

• Dermis

• Nourishment

• Nerves

• Skin glands

• Skin disorders

Client Consultation

• Clients’ needs

• Clients’ lifestyle

• Client record card


• Supplies

• Sanitation of implements

• Materials and containers

• Nail cosmetic supplies

• Table top set up

• Nail shape

• Plain manicure

• Finishing the nails

• Paraffin wax treatment

• Hand massage

Basic Pedicure

• Supplies

• Pre-service

• Performing a pedicure

• Foot massage

Advanced Nail Techniques

• Nail Tips

• Application

Acrylic Overlay Tips

• Acrylic powers

• Supplies

• Pre-service

• Application

• Refills

• Maintenance

• Removal

U.V Gel System

• Preparation

• French manicure

• Gel maintenance

• Gel removal

Nail Wraps

• Supplies

• Pre-service

• Application

• Maintaining

• Removing

• Repairing fabric wraps

• Nail art

Areas of Nail Technician Work

• Mobile

• Home-based

• Salon-based

Safety at Work

• Control of substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

• Electric files

Aromatherapy recipes for Manicures and Pedicures

• Cuticle softening treatment

• Nail strengthening treatment

• Tires, swollen feet

• Cracked and dry feet

• Plain Manicure

• French Manicure

• Full Varnish Manicure

• Manicure with Nail Art

• Pedicure with Clear Varnish

• Pedicure with Varnish colour of your choice.

• Set of Acrylics with white tips

£35 deposit: remaining balance at the end of the month

Enrol for £35 deposit and remaining balance at the end of the month. Pay your deposit today get your course tomorrow!

Reduced fee of £259

£259 – all inclusive

Pay by 3 monthly instalments of £259 (approx)

£86 deposit followed by £86 for the next two months

The college accepts payment using the following methods:

Credit/Debit Card, Cheque, Postal Order and Invoice.

It is simple and safe to enrol online. Select one of the payment terms above and you will be taken to a secure sever to enter your details.

Once the enrolment process has been completed you will receive your introductory pack and login details to access your course textbooks, your tutor profile and their contact details.

We look forward to welcoming you as a student of the college and feel sure you will enjoy studying with us.

Key points for this course:
  • This is a fully supported home study course supported by your own tutor
  • Your enrolment fee covers absolutely everything – there will be nothing more to pay after you have enrolled, there are no hidden fees
  • You have 12 months to complete your course
  • You may enrol at any time of the year
  • Access available within 24 hours
Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with your course simply return it within 14 days and we will refund your fees in full.

All students enrolled on a course with Cambridge Open College receive access to our online student community (I Learn It Easy) where you can submit your work, contact your tutor, and interact with other students. We have prepared a short video below to highlight the benefits to you.

Nail Technician (Level 2)


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