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Teaching Assistant Courses

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After looking into Cambridge Open College, one thing we can be sure of is that they are fully committed and focused on learners gaining the qualifications they need to progress their careers further.  Even if progressing your career isn’t something you are looking to do, the personal satisfaction and sense of achievement alone should be a reason to look into Cambridge Open College.

Without students, there would be no college, this is why Cambridge Open College ensures all students have access to the help and support they need round the clock. They provide everything students require and cater to their individual needs. With full access to tutors and student support, help is never far away.

A good example of courses available from the college is its teaching assistant courses, which are ideal for individuals that enjoy working with children. It gives the opportunity to develop your own skills and knowledge whilst helping children do the same, which makes teaching assistant courses hugely rewarding. Teaching Assistant Courses require an enthusiastic, vibrant, and patient individual and those from Cambridge Open College can help guide students into a fulfilling career.

Other examples of courses within Cambridge Open College are assessor courses. These teach learners types of assessment methods, the skills it takes to become an assessor as well as learner involvement, and quality assurance. They take an individual with strong principles who would be a good fit for assessing learners in the work environment. All assessor courses have been designed to meet national requirements and this ensures that the learner will be completely up to date with good practices and the information needed to be able to carry out a career in this role successfully. Assessor courses can also be completed within 12 months or less which makes them a lot more flexible for individuals that may have other commitments.

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