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Health and Social Care (Level 3)



The Health and Social Care course has been specifically developed by professionals, and offers students the competencies, skills and insights required in all fields of the health and social care sector.

Following a linear structure, the course has been designed to be both thorough and highly enjoyable. You’ll start by focussing on applicable legislation and background information of the National Health Service. You’ll then move on to child development, gaining rich insight into many of the common health issues that affect most of us, at some point of our lives. These issues include common illnesses and devastating conditions such as cancer. You’ll also learn about the impact of drugs and alcohol, as well as mental health conditions.


Separated into 8 fascinating and enriching units, the Health and Social Care course first gives attention to the National Health Service (NHS). The subject of on-going debate, the NHS is at the very core of care delivery in the UK. However, very few people actually understand its inner workings and the history behind it. You will explore both in detail, and trace its evolution across the last decades. You will also look at legislation, studying the regulations and legal compliance requirements that govern those working in the health and social care fields.

Building on the understanding you will develop, you will then progress onto the role of the childcare and education sectors, along with the control, coordination and administrative operations carried out by OFSTED, in its role as industry regulator. In the later stages of the course, you will move on to the practical and often sensitive issues surrounding care and abuse; including domestic violence, child and elder abuse, debilitating illnesses and mental health conditions. You will learn about delivering effective yet compassionate care, ensuring both you and those in your care remain safe and dignified, at all times.


A reasonable level of literacy is required is required for this level 3 course. However, we have designed the Health and Social Care course to be accessible to keen students, and if you have an interest in this area, we welcome your application. Upon your enrolment, you will be sent a study guide to ease you into life at Cambridge Open College. You will also be assigned a personal tutor for the duration of your time with us, who will be on hand to offer guidance.


COURSE REVIEW by pvLindsey292

“When I signed up with COC for distance learning I didn’t quite no what I was getting myself into. Best thing that I have done, you can study at your own pace with no pressure to finish quickly. All the information that I received to assist me with my course was invaluable and clear for me to understand. My tutor was brilliant and if I had any problems I could email him and the response was very quick. It is a great way of learning and getting a certificate to further your career. When I found Cambridge open college on-line everything that I wanted to no before purchasing my course was at my finger tips. So there was no nasty extra charges once it was received everything was up front. If any of my work colleagues are thinking of doing a on-line course I would highly recommend COC. I feel that this company works well and does not need to change anything about the way it supplies information to customers or provides courses, I am very pleased I took the challenge and now I have completed a Health and Social Care Level 3.”





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