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Marine Biology (Level 3)



 Not called the ‘Blue Planet’ for nothing – the surface of the Earth is largely covered by water. Land – the bit we live on – only represents about 30%, and the oceans contain more than 96% of all the water on Earth.

The biggest living mammal known to man – the Blue Whale – and some of the smallest organisms (plankton) live in the oceans.

Despite our technological advances, we still know almost nothing about the deepest parts of our watery planet. Largely because it is an alien environment that man cannot easily explore.

We can dive with body mounted equipment with relative ease and safety down to about 50 m. Using specially designed underwater vehicles we can send equipment and cameras down a long way.

But it’s so cold and dark, and the pressure so incredibly high (it would squash a nuclear submarine flat), that man will not get to the bottom in the foreseeable future.

The deepest part of the ocean is called the Challenger Deep, in the Pacific Ocean at the end of the Marianas Trench. At over 36,200 feet (11,128 metres) it could swallow our highest mountain (Everest) with more than a mile (7171 feet/2,206 m) to the surface left above it.

Marine biology is concerned with the study of all the flora and fauna that lives in this incredibly diverse but hostile environment. You will learn about the various “zones” and how they affect all aspects of our lives. The weather is the biggest influence on where we live and how we survive – it’s driven almost entirely by what happens in the ocean.

If you want to really understand the biggest and least controllable influence on the human race, this course is a great place to start. Enrol today.


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