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Caring for Children (Level 2)



Endorsed Qualfication through the Focus Awards Focus on Quality Provision (FQP), the Caring for Children course is an ideal introduction for anyone considering a career in the childcare or social care sectors. It is also an ideal choice for individuals seeking to develop effective parenting and life skills.

With a strong focus on practical modules and the essential aspects of childcare, this course will equip you with the essential knowledge required to develop personally and professionally. It will also enhance your long-term professional prospects.


The Caring for Children course covers 9 practical and stimulating units. You can view an overview of these units by clicking on the ‘Snapshot’ tab at the top. Developed specifically to equip students with a solid understanding of childcare, this course will advance not only your professional prospects, but also your understanding of parenting, caring and child development.

Starting with core units focused on childrens’ wellbeing, nutrition and development, you will explore what constitutes effective and positive care. The understanding you develop from these units will complement the later modules, which cover areas such as the importance of engaging children with activities, risk assessment and caring for children in a babysitting environment, as well as your rights and responsibilities to those children.

This course is an ideal entry programme, and is well suited to students seeking to start or advance their career in this industry. The knowledge and skills gained through this course also make it an ideal platform for progression into study at a higher level.


The Caring for Children Course has no set entry requirements, and is open to all students who have an interest in this area of study.

As long as you have a basic standard of education, you will find this course incredibly stimulating and rewarding. To ensure you get the most out of your time with us, you will be sent a comprehensive study guide. Your tutor will also be on hand to offer any support you may need.


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Key points for this course:

  • This is a fully supported home study course supported by your own tutor
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