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Posted by : October 21, 2021 admin


Beauty courses can be taken in hairdressing, makeup and other aspects of personal grooming such as hair removal (depilation), or even creating henna tattoos. They are taught in some schools, alongside other practical ‘lifestyle’ projects, usually as part of another subject.

Beauty courses are also available in post-16 education studies at various colleges around the country, and through online providers such as Cambridge Open College, a leading UK distance learning institution. They are also available as part of an apprenticeship.

Self-awareness, particularly amongst younger people, has enabled a rapid growth of the beauty industry, and more widespread demand for treatments and products that were previously much more gender specific. The beauty sector no longer caters exclusively for women, which was overwhelmingly the case just a few short years ago.

With that exponential growth has come a much-increased need for beauty courses and less generalised training. Males have entered the space, for example, which has given rise for new and different treatments, and some specific products, such as those related to nails and hand beauty, now have their own ‘salons’ on the high street. Not only has the beauty sector exploded, the need for new and more adventurous products has become a huge market and business opportunity.

The education and training sector has been playing ‘catch-up’ as a result, and the number of individual beauty courses, training and qualifications in new subjects and specialisms has increased to meet the demand. ‘Market-led’ in every sense of the phrase.

Online or distance learning beauty courses are a very welcome and convenient option for many. They can be studied from home, are flexible enough to be fitted around work and family commitments, and – unlike courses at traditional offline establishments – can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection. And they cost much less.

Cambridge Open College is currently expanding its range of online beauty courses, which already includes Beauty Therapy, Makeup Application, and Indian Head Massage, all at Level 3, with many more to come.

Why not check them out now? Go to to find out more…

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