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  1. COMPUTER/LAPTOP: You don’t need to splurge on the latest and most expensive brand. Just have a reliable computer in good working condition with necessary applications needed in order for you to complete your courses online.
  2. STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION: This is the most essential thing you should have. Your computer and online access go hand in hand since all courses are accessible via internet. Having a back-up option would also be good to avoid interruption when you encounter technical issues.
  3. QUIET AND CONDUCIVE WORKSPACE: perfect place to study is different depending on the learner’s preference. Having a separate working space would be effective for you maintain your focus and concentration towards your work.
  4. ERGONOMIC CHAIR AND TABLE: Using a comfortable chair is important in order to study well. Using a chair and table will give you more focus on your studies than doing your thing in the couch or bed.
  5. EARPHONES: If you don’t have your own place and you need to listen to a lecture, using a set of earphones would ensure you don’t get to disturb the people around you. This would also give you privacy if you are not comfortable for others to hear what you are listening to.