Obviously, we believe that Cambridge Open College deliver a fantastic service to its students. We have some of the best courses available, and these are supported by a hand-picked team of specialists and subject matter experts to deliver the tutor support so critical to our students’ progress.

We regularly get feedback from our students, and they are overwhelmingly positive. It’s not that we don’t get some critical comments; of course we do. We would be extremely unusual if not. But the criticisms we have received are minor, and are always addressed.

For example, a student may occasionally receive their feedback a day or two late. This can happen, particularly during the holiday season, when tutors – like everybody else – take a couple of weeks off. Unforeseen illness just can’t be planned for, and in some specialist subjects, there may be only one or two tutors.

There are some examples of feedback below.

Passed My TA Level 3

Sep 13, 2014 by Jahseen foster

I passed my TA Level 3, in 5 weeks. I am so proud of myself. The tutor was very friend and supportive, they are very prompt on replying to questions and i enjoyed my course. I am now in Placement at the Manor Green school. Thank you to Cambridge open college.

Sign jahseen


Sep 07, 2013 by Prima851CH

Just completed my course and I was awarded with a Merit. Extremely happy with my results and it shows that your effort and hard work is rewarded with Cambridge Open College. I thank my tutor Craig Jordan for his consistent help and offering speedy replies. The questions were challenging but also doable. I would love to do more courses with Cambridge Open College and hope that they include more varied courses in the near future!

Teaching Assistant

Jul 12, 2013 by nafeesa

I think the teaching assistant course was the best the Cambridge tutors was brilliant i love the course i would like to say thank you to Cambridge tutors for help me through the course it was Fab Thank you

Teaching Assistant Level 3

Jul 01, 2013 by nadz

I’m doing the teaching assistant course level 3 from home and i must say this has been the most interesting thing i have done in ages. the tutors have been such good help and are so easy to contact. im glad i chose this course to do, because i can do it in my own time and take as long as i like to study one a module and there is no pressure. i just did module 7 and so far it has been great! hopefully the rest of the modules will be just as good. thank you Cambridge Open college for this excellent opportunity! I’m planning to work in my local school and this is going to come in handy !!!

You can also see independently verified comments and feedback on the Review Centre. As you will see, the small number of negative or critical comments are indeed for relatively minor issues.