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Health Management And Social Care

Posted by : September 22, 2021 admin

health management and social care

Health Management and Social Care have been in the news almost continuously since the start of the pandemic. However, since the UK began “loosening” it’s pandemic controls after the last lockdown, issues around health management and social care have become even more prevalent.

Without doubt, the NHS continues to struggle in meeting non-pandemic needs (Covid-19) in terms of health management, and social care services, particularly those delivered through independent nursing and residential homes for the elderly, continue their lamentable failure to perform as expected.

While the government and its opposition continue to quarrel over the effectiveness or otherwise of delivery, health management and social care progress, expansion or development remains unsatisfactory and pedestrian at best.

Recruitment for healthcare professionals and care workers is falling far behind demand, not least because the pandemic has put such individuals right in the front line of fighting the virus. Health management and social care professionals, and particularly their leadership, are experiencing significant difficulty in providing the levels of service expected by the public. This has not been helped by the lack of progress in negotiation for more acceptable levels of remuneration following what is widely regarded as a pay ‘freeze’ at the last budget.

Universities and colleges are also falling behind in providing enough qualified “foot soldiers” for the front-line, so online providers such as Cambridge Open College are picking up the “slack” through remote delivery of qualification courses in health management and social care. Their courses can be studied flexibly, worked around employment and lifestyle, and are very affordable.

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