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Health And Social Care Courses

Posted by : October 12, 2021 admin

The Health and Social Care sector is a booming sector in the UK, not least because it’s part of the fabric of the UK health system generally. Not for nothing is it the envy of the world, with the NHS (National Health Service) dominating the professional landscape in the medical field, and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) looking after most of the non-medical institutions such as residential homes and nursing homes for the elderly or infirm.

Specialised areas such as Mental Health (a massive sector in its own right) have some crossover and that is reflected in the diversity of disciplines and range of practitioners operating within them.

Health and Social Care courses necessarily share that diversity and range. Cambridge Open College, a leading provider in the sector, is proud of its contribution. Health and Social Care courses are available right across the spectrum, from a Level 3 in Health and Social Care to a Level Management and Leadership in Care, and a Level 3 in Diet and Nutrition to a Level 4 in Counselling Children.

Cambridge Open College’s wide and varied Health and Social Care Courses are endorsed by Focus Awards, and Ofqual-regulated Awarding Organisation, under their FQP (Focus on Quality Provision) Scheme. They are ideal for practitioners who need to demonstrate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for their respective professional membership organisations to remain ‘current’ in their chosen specialism.

The Health and Social Care courses provided by Cambridge are also ideal preparation for anyone wanting to move into the sector, change careers, or increase their competence.

By their nature, Health and Social Care courses are of interest to a broad cross-section of learners just for interest or to develop skills and disciplines to improve their parenting or care of an elderly relative, for example.

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