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Ever Considered Childminding As a Career?

If you’re a parent with school age or preschool aged children, and want to earn good money working from home, then Childminding may be of interest to you.

It can be both emotionally and financially rewarding, and is one of the few professional occupations a parent can pursue without compromising on career aspirations, professional development or time with their kids.

Childminding at home for other people’s children provides a valuable and worthwhile service to your local community. It can also be lucrative, and perhaps the best part is that you don’t need to find a crèche or childminder yourself. Your child or children simply enjoys the company and the personal development opportunity!

You will also save on your own childcare bills. Although there are setup costs, as with any business, many of these can be recovered as expenses. Your own household utility bills may also enjoy some contribution.

You need to consult an accountant to get the accurate position, but if you have the inclination to carry out Childcare for others, Childminding at home can be a real bonus.

You will need to become professionally qualified, and may need permission from your local authority to set up business. You’ll also need to register with Ofsted and undergo criminal record and suitability checks. Of course you would expect this under the current child safeguarding legislation.

However, these issues can be dealt with if you take a logical approach and make the necessary enquiries. Lots of our students have done just this, and are already seeing success.

Our Childcare courses (including Early Years Foundation Studies – EYFS) can give you a good grounding in the subject matter, and set you up well for more formal qualifications.