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Common Myths about Distance Learning

Here are some common myths about distance learning people. It has always been something that has divided opinion.

All Online Schools are a Scam

Unfortunately diploma mills do exist, and they have tarnished the view of online learning as many people are wary of perfectly legitimate online schools for fear that they will be a scam. The truth is that diploma mills are few and far between and legitimate online degree courses are becoming increasingly popular.

Distance Learning Courses are Easier than ‘Ordinary’ Courses

This is utter rubbish. The courses completed by accredited online course providers will be covering exactly the same syllabus as ‘brick and mortar’ institutions. In fact many universities offer online courses as well as their face to face courses, and the content is identical. The reason that some people believe that the courses are easier is that many people thrive in an online learning environment as it suits their learning style better, and their good results are proof of this.

 Distance Learning Students Miss Out on Teacher / Student Interaction

Whilst it is true that distance learning students do not have the benefit of meeting face to face with their tutors and fellow students, there are plenty of interactive options for students to connect, share information and experiences, and to seek advice from their tutors. Advancement in technology reduces the importance of being in a fixed location to interact.

Employers Won’t Accept a Distance Learning Certificate

The view that most employers have of distance learning has drastically changed over the past five years, with the vast majority now stating that they hold these qualifications in as much stead as any others. With technical advancements always on the increase, online learning platforms are becoming more and more widely utilized as they provide an accessible way for people to study.

Distance Learning Programs are Overpriced

Some people believe that distance learning courses are significantly overpriced considering that you are only being delivered a digital course. Without the tutors requirement to go into college, building an maintenance fees, cleaning fees, landscaping sports facilities etc people want to know why the cost is so high. Well, technology costs money and time, and more often than not the courses still require a tutor to be involved with live class chats, so in that respect the cost remains fairly consistent. There are plenty of examples of where you might save money by completing an online course – no commuting costs, no parking costs, no childcare costs, no relocation costs etc.

Online Courses are Easy

Whilst distance learning courses are extremely beneficial to many people’s learning styles, there are certain aspects which make this style of learning much more difficult. If you suck at motivating yourself or at meeting deadlines, you’ll have your work cut out trying to complete an online course, especially one you’ve succeeded in!