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Has there ever been a more difficult or trying time for business and commerce in the UK?

As the country emerges from the pattern of repeated “lockdowns” imposed by the UK government through the initial phases of the Covuid-19 pandemic, the true cost of the virus is crystallising.

Many commercial enterprises and “household names” have disappeared in the incredibly tough economic climate, while unemployment – in no small part due to the collapse of so many businesses – has become unacceptably high (although not quite as devastating as was initially forecast).

The government’s assistance packages through Furlough schemes are due to be end shortly, which is anticipated to place a huge strain on those businesses and individuals that have survived thus far because of that assistance.

It’s a double-edged sword. Over the last 18 months or so, thousands of employees in particular have “enjoyed” receiving 80% of their wages or salaries for ostensibly doing nothing. Most businesses surviving through the furlough “holiday” have found it very difficult to recruit new employees because they either don’t want to work, or have been prevented from doing so by the terms of the furlough scheme.

This massive cohort of individuals have taken the time to reflect on, and have had the opportunity to perhaps consider, a change of career as the workplace reopens. However, having the relevant qualifications to be able to do so is something of an issue for many.

Colleges and universities have some business and commerce courses available, but they are largely delivered formally, with inflexible start dates set by terms or semesters.

This inflexibility opens up a huge opportunity for distance learning providers or open study centres that deliver such business and commerce courses remotely.

The pandemic has favoured such institutes in many ways, and one such provider, Cambridge Open College, developed an innovative Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that provides a safe, secure learning environment accessible from home or any other “clean” environment with an Internet connection.

Cambridge Open College has a thriving student community, all learning remotely through its pandemic-tested, battle-ready VLE, many of whom are studying business and commerce courses for just this purpose – to change careers.

These courses are much more affordable than those provided by “bricks and mortar” institutions, and many are nationally recognised; they result in qualifications on the Regulated Qualification Framework.

Business and Commerce Courses include management studies, assessor qualifications, and specific subjects such as HR, accounting and entrepreneurship. All of these and more are available from Cambridge Open College and are flexible enough to fit in around full-time work, a busy social life (if any of us still have this), and even single parenting.

Plus, they come with up to 12 months dedicated tutor support. What’s not to love?

To find out more about the business and commerce courses available, visit their website at

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