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Courses To Become A Lecturer

Posted by : September 9, 2021 admin


Cambridge Open College has recently added to its raft of teaching courses, the latest of which are aimed at those wanting or needing some help with researching, preparing for, and delivering lectures and conducting assessments.

Lecturing is as much about delivery as it is about content. Indeed, good lecturers cultivate a stage presence and use public speaking skills to engage with their audience. In this way, the content carries more weight, is much more interesting to the recipients, and therefore memorable.

Courses to become a lecturer are few and far between in the “mainstream” educational sector, but Cambridge Open College is innovative and flexible enough to recognise the need.

Before tackling the sometimes-pressurised environment of public speaking and delivering live lectures, a great place to start is conducting assessments.

Many of the skills needed are precursors to teaching and lecturing, such as being able to crystallise simple operations for a student or learner, helping to formalise the principles of teaching, learning and assessment (core material for an academic lecturer), and having the competence and background to be able to analyse what a target audience needs to hear and know.

Brand new courses to become a lecturer being developed right now, so “watch this space”. In the meantime, you can study to become an Internal Quality Assurer or take one of the other assessor qualifications (most of which are on the Regulated Qualification Framework – RQF) and build up the confidence and knowledge to take you further.

Who knows, you might even consider a change of career?

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