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Health And Social Care Courses

Posted by : November 25, 2021 admin

health management and social care

Taking up health and social care courses is very timely today due to the increasing demand in this sector all over the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has magnified its importance and highlighted the issues and shortcomings of the industry globally.

There are many employment opportunities in the health and social care field and taking up a related online course could contribute to your success when applying. Cambridge Open College offers several in this sector, including Level 4 Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care, one of the most in-demand health and social care courses in the UK.

The course equips you with the essential grounding to realize a bright future in the health and social care sector.

With a sharp focus on developing the knowledge and competencies required to deliver effective and compassionate care, Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care (Level 4) is perfect for those striving to advance their careers or establish their own private practice.

When taking up this course you will be offered an incredible range of perks to ensure you hit the ground running upon course completion, whether you decide to seek employment in the field or set up your very own private practice. The course focuses on core competencies such as effective and compassionate communication with those in care. It also explores a range of key elements and integrated disciplines, such as sociology, biology, nutrition, ethics, and law. These underpin the understanding and treatment of those suffering from abuse, addiction, and mental health issues, among other challenges that are covered in detail.

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Distance Learning Courses

Posted by : November 18, 2021 admin


Are our distance learning courses effective?

An increasing number of students, not only in the UK but around the world, have already jumped into online distance learning as a viable alternative to face-to-face teaching. This has spiked since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic for fairly obvious reasons.

Some may still not be convinced over the validity of distance learning courses or may still only see challenges along the way. However, one of the biggest benefits that distance learning courses bring (obliquely) is the practice and enhancement of self-discipline.

Studying independently without physical supervision from someone or something external creates a huge potential to lose focus or drift off into something more ‘pleasurable’ (of course, some people do find studying pleasurable or fulfilling, too).

Distance learning courses give you the opportunity and the flexibility to study in your own time, at your own pace. If you don’t have the self-discipline to manage your time and priorities, then completing your course might present a problem.

As you complete your online course, you are not only learning and developing the theoretical and technical skills of what you’re studying but you are also building up your character, strengthening your resolve, and improving self-discipline.

These are essential life skills – an unexpected bonus, and completely free of charge!

Distance learning courses can be as effective as the conventional courses you take in ‘bricks and mortar establishments such as universities or academies.

If you are still wondering if this is best for you, then why not take the plunge and experience a distance learning course?

Studying at Cambridge Open College is not complicated at all. They provide several distance learning courses from a range of sectors, including business and commerce, childcare and education, design and technology, and more. Visit their website and explore the options presented to you.

Go to to find out more.

Don’t delay; enroll today!

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Looking For Beauty Courses

Posted by : November 16, 2021 admin


Self-love is a big deal and is very relevant today. In this age of unregulated social media, the concept of ‘beauty (still very much ‘in the eye of the beholder) can be both inspiring and destructive.

Beauty is taken seriously; people are now much more open and willing to improve and enhance their physical appearance not because they’re being superficial but to gain personal satisfaction ‘from within.’ There is a growing belief that taking care of yourself and looking good is something you owe to yourself. Beauty should not just be on the outside but should also radiate from the inside.

Making sure you look good from within (however you choose to define this esoteric concept) should be as important and painstaking as ensuring you look beautiful and presentable physically. It’s a ‘constant’; something you work on and maintain continually because this helps you boost your morale and confidence.

Beauty courses help individuals promote self-love and wellness. Now that this idea is becoming increasingly relevant, entering into the beauty business or industry as a career has the potential to be popular and lucrative. If you are thinking of opening up a Spa, massage facility, or beauty parlor it is important that you equip yourself with the knowledge and expertise to both help your business thrive and avoid expensive mistakes. There are already many beauty courses available for this purpose, and you have the option to learn from the comfort of your home flexibly in your own time.

Cambridge Open College provides several beauty courses, including Beauty Therapy, Makeup Application, Manicure & Pedicure, and different kinds of massage such as Indian Head Massage or Swedish Massage.

To find out more, visit their website today to view information on the courses they offer.

Go to and learn more or enroll now. Affordable installments are also available.

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Teaching Assistant Courses

Posted by : November 12, 2021 admin


After looking into Cambridge Open College, one thing we can be sure of is that they are fully committed and focused on learners gaining the qualifications they need to progress their careers further.  Even if progressing your career isn’t something you are looking to do, the personal satisfaction and sense of achievement alone should be a reason to look into Cambridge Open College.

Without students, there would be no college, this is why Cambridge Open College ensures all students have access to the help and support they need round the clock. They provide everything students require and cater to their individual needs. With full access to tutors and student support, help is never far away.

A good example of courses available from the college is its teaching assistant courses, which are ideal for individuals that enjoy working with children. It gives the opportunity to develop your own skills and knowledge whilst helping children do the same, which makes teaching assistant courses hugely rewarding. Teaching Assistant Courses require an enthusiastic, vibrant, and patient individual and those from Cambridge Open College can help guide students into a fulfilling career.

Other examples of courses within Cambridge Open College are assessor courses. These teach learners types of assessment methods, the skills it takes to become an assessor as well as learner involvement, and quality assurance. They take an individual with strong principles who would be a good fit for assessing learners in the work environment. All assessor courses have been designed to meet national requirements and this ensures that the learner will be completely up to date with good practices and the information needed to be able to carry out a career in this role successfully. Assessor courses can also be completed within 12 months or less which makes them a lot more flexible for individuals that may have other commitments.

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Reasonable Correspondence Courses

Posted by : November 4, 2021 admin


The Cambridge English Dictionary defines ‘correspondence courses’ as “a course of study in which you study at home, receiving, and sending off work by post, email, etc.” In other words, study and learning conducted through correspondence mean, rather than face to face teaching.

Today’s correspondence courses are much more likely to be called ‘distance learning’, ‘web-based learning’ or ‘online learning. In fact, the term has largely fallen out of use (or into disuse); many students under the age of 30 will almost certainly not understand what a correspondence course is – “very 20th century, darling…”

There is now a very diverse and plentiful number of online learning providers across the UK and around the world delivering formal qualifications arising from courses they have delivered entirely remotely.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and as a direct consequence of the imposed ‘lockdowns’ which threatened most education providers with permanent closure, many were forced to introduce safe remote learning platforms that enabled their hurriedly constructed ‘correspondence courses’ to be studied from students’ homes via internet connection.

Cambridge Open College, a leading and pioneering distance learning institution that has been doing business this way for years already had a Virtual Learning Environment, or VLE, in place to securely deliver and tutor their own students and learners. The College has hundreds of ‘correspondence courses that can be (and have always been) studied from home or anywhere else with an internet connection – even on the train while commuting!

Take a look at the huge subject range at today. They include nationally recognized qualification courses on the Regulated Qualification Framework (QCF) and endorsed qualifications quality assured by one of the UK’s premier Ofqual regulated awarding organizations, Focus Awards, under their Focus on Quality Provision (FQP) Scheme.

Don’t delay; find the ‘correspondence course’ you want to study and enroll in today. You won’t regret it!

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